Proposal- Project Syndicate: The Flywheel of the Comdex Ecosystem

According to your website you guys are on 33 different chains? How much activity do your apps get on average in those chains?

Was this new topic unintended @SyndicateMike ?

This is based off that model. Which has been successful, Butterfly and Hidden hand have been a just as if not more successful than votium which only incorporates curve. I have nothing to do with Hidden Hand just a former user of the platform.

Accidental, there was a problem with my account so they had to approve me account a few times, accidental.

We are also in a low liquidity and leaving liquidity market, most incentive programs will go to zero mercenary liquidity is now incentivised to stay with bribes and locking to receive rewards, and users can now collect bribes on whomever is trying to incentivise liquidity or rewards.