Advancing Forward, Comdex's Major Upgrade --- v.13.2.0

In what can be described as one of the most significant upgrades in its history, Comdex is set to undergo transformative changes that will redefine its operational landscape. This upgrade isn’t just a leap forward in terms of features; it’s a pivotal moment that marks Comdex’s transition to a fully permissionless Cosmwasm framework. This transition is a game-changer for developers, making it more straightforward to build applications using Comdex modules.

Another key element of this upgrade is the significant enhancement in transaction speed. The block time of the chain is being halved, reducing from approximately 6 seconds to about 3 seconds. This strategic move is particularly responsive to the needs of consumer-facing products that require rapid finality to deliver an unmatched user experience. By embracing faster block times, Comdex is not just enhancing its efficiency; it’s directly contributing to a smoother, more responsive experience for end-users.

Major Changes:-

  • Permissionless CosmWasm
  • Upgrade from CosmosSDK v0.45 → v0.47
  • Upgrade ibc-go v4 → v7
  • Wasmd v0.30 → v0.41
  • CosmWasm 1.3
  • 3 second block times
  • Adds x/async-icq
  • Users can now cancel unbonding

Detailed Overview of the Upgrades

  1. Permissionless Cosmwasm
  • The transition to a permissionless Cosmwasm framework represents a fundamental shift towards greater openness and inclusivity. This empowers a wider array of developers to engage with and contribute to the Comdex ecosystem, paving the way for a rich diversity of applications and use cases.
    Comdexes plans to be permissionless had been previously discussed in this forum thread:
  1. Faster Transactions for Superior User Experience
  • The reduction in block time to approximately 3 seconds is a direct response to the community’s call for faster, more efficient transactions. This enhancement will be particularly beneficial for applications requiring quick finality, ensuring a seamless and agile user experience.
  1. Comprehensive Technological Upgrades
  • Upgrading from CosmosSDK v0.45 to v0.47 and implementing IBC-go v7 and Wasmd v0.41, by adopting these updates, Comdex ensures its position at the forefront of advancements within the Cosmos ecosystem, continually adapting and evolving with the latest technological developments

  • The introduction of CosmWasm 1.3 brings a suite of new features and capabilities, enabling more sophisticated and efficient smart contract operations. The CosmWasm 1.3 feature set has now been enabled on the chain. To use them in your contract, just add cosmwasm_1_3 to your cargo features.

    This adds the following features for contracts:

  • Rust 1.70+ Support and Sign Extensions
  • Signed Integers (Int64, Int128, Int256 and Int512)
  • Coin and Coins now allow parsing inputs such as “123uatom” & math.
  • BankQuery::AllDenomMetadata and ::DenomMetadata
  • DistributionQuery::DelegatorWithdrawAddress
  • DistributionMsg::FundCommunityPool
  • Storage::range_keys and ::range_values

Introducing the Interchain Queries Module to Comdex’s Ecosystem

  • Interchain Queries (ICQ) Module: This new addition enhances cross-chain interactions, allowing for more fluid and efficient queries across different blockchain networks. Interchain Queries enable blockchains to query the state of an account on another chain without the need for ICA auth. ICS-27, Interchain Accounts, is used for IBC transactions, e.g. to transfer coins from one interchain account to another, whereas Interchain Queries are used for IBC Queries, e.g. to query the balance of an account on another chain.

Revolutionizing the Auction Mechanism:-

Comdex introduces a transformative auction system, allowing users to bid on assets with chosen discount percentages. Here’s a quick overview:

  • User-Centric Bidding: Users set their preferred discount percentage for assets in specific markets.
  • Automated Auction Triggering: When asset prices drop below the set discount, the system automatically initiates the bid, streamlining the process.
  • Direct Asset Acquisition: Successful bids lead to immediate asset transfer to the user after settling any debts.
  • Single Unified Approach: The auction mechanism establishes a single, unified approach across all Comdex DApps, such as Harbor and Commodo, streamlining the user experience across the ecosystem. This upgrade marks a significant step in enhancing the efficiency and user-friendliness of Comdex’s auction system.

Rigorous Testing and Implementation Timeline

  • Successful Devnet Testing: The upgrade has already been successfully tested on the Comdex devnet, ensuring that the major changes are stable and effective.

  • Ongoing Testnet Evaluation: Currently, the upgrade is undergoing thorough testing on the Comdex testnet. This crucial phase is aimed at guaranteeing seamless integration and functionality before the update is rolled out more widely.

  • Tentative Mainnet Upgrade: Looking forward, the plan is to implement these upgrades on the mainnet tentatively in the next 2-3 weeks. This schedule is subject to the successful completion of testing phases, ensuring everything is optimized and ready for a smooth transition.

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Thanks for the update @Ismail!

You guys probably have thought about it, but what makes Comdex with these changes different than for example Juno? Which is as far as I know also running on 3s blocktimes, running on SDK v0.47 and permissionless CosmWasm.

As an enthusiast and supporter of Comdex’s progress, I’m incredibly excited for the v13.2.0 upgrade
The move to a permissionless Cosmwasm framework is a step in the right direction, inviting a diverse range of developers to bring their innovations to life on Comdex
The recent Hackathon by the Comdex team was a testament to this, showcasing brilliant projects like AllinBets, cDomains, Hodla, and WiseWallet, among others, all set to build on the Comdex ecosystem
I’m looking forward to learning more and seeing the journey forward.

Re: Decision for Comdex’s Upcoming Upgrade v13.2.0

To ensure a smoother chain upgrade and minimize complexity, we’ve strategically decided to include the introduction of a 3-second block time and the adoption of a permissionless Cosmwasm framework in the next Comdex upgrade and not v13.2.0 .This approach is crucial for ensuring a smooth upgrade process, safeguarding the system’s stability, and overall performance of the chain. We are committed to a strategic and thoughtful rollout of these updates. We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to enhance and streamline our platform.

The question remains; what makes Comdex in that way different than Juno?
How will Comdex make itself recognizable when the chain parameters are the same?