Application test

The swaps in all pairs work correctly for me, I tested cmdx-cOil; cmdx-cgold; cmdx-csilver; cOil-cmdx; cgold-cmdx; cSilver-cmdx pairs. All swaps went through without errors. When I tried to make a borrow, in all pairs I got the error “gasWanted: 2500000, gasUsed: 2900297: out of gas”. I managed to get around the error by increasing the gas to 5000000. Farm works fine and fast, there were no problems adding liquidity in all available asset pairs. Overall, the application looks very good both in terms of design and functionality, the night mode is incredible. I’ll wait for the launch of the mainnet and good interest on farm:)
my account: comdex1cw5pf7cv75ksxz64t402zdhc5v7c2smuk99q7h


To see asset balances updated, you must reload the page as well. It would be more convenient if balances were updated automatically.