$CMST Stable MINT with $USK

Hi guys,
would it be possible to add minting of $CMST with the kujira $USK stablecoin, instead of axlUSDC as well? Harbor Protocol

There is aleady a relayer between Comdex and Kujira: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation
So $USK can already be transfered between the 2 chains. Saw that some $harbor and and $cmst already have been sent to the Kujira Chain as well, so there will be synergies.


Could be an option I guess. Note that CMST will be possible to mint with a lot of coins from the Comdex ecosystem. This is just the start, more will be added in due time.

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USK being closed source code for a stablecoin is not something to be recommended to be used in the Stablemint; the purpose of PSM/stablemint is to provide an easy arbitrage to retain the peg. This should not be done via an asset whose peg is floating and is not open source.
Maybe enabling vaults with a low collateral ratio for minting CMST via USK should be a good idea rather than adding it to the PSM.


Yes the team is looking into many different assets which will be added soon. Its just the start of the expansion of the Comdex ecosystem and the team is also looking for all possible assets based on analysing every token on the risk metrics that have been shared. Also one of our plans is toto introduce low Collaterisation Stable coin vaults for users who wish to hold onto their stable tokens and mint CMST against it. We will be posting more on this in the coming days.