Comdex Academy - How Can the Community Support This Initiative

With the recent collapse of UST and LUNA, I personally think that the Comdex Academy initiative is more important then ever. It represents that the development team and the community is committed to ensuring some base level of consumer protection. Having such a quality/component that is more built out I think will benefit Comdex and be of interest to future investors and regulators. Having higher standards compared to the rest of DeFi, can only benefit Comdex.

With that being said, what can the community do to help the Comdex team develop and build out the Comdex Academy?

Are there any tasks that can farmed out to the community that is interested in volunteering their time and talents to take some of the burden off of the team?

Hoping this can start the discussion in terms of what the Comdex team might need, and in terms of community members posting about being interested in volunteering to help the team out.

And by volunteer I mean truly volunteer. I hope this doesn’t turn into expectations of compensation. Doing a good thing (i.e. building out an educational tool) I hope is compensation enough.

I know I am willing to help out and would be willing to commit an hour or two a week. Interested in learning what the Comdex team needs.


Hi @RedRabbit33
First of all, I want to thank you for your valuable feedback and suggestions.
You have been playing a key role in helping us understand the requirements and needs of our community.

The aim of Comdex Academy is always to educate people and help them understand all the complex concepts straightforwardly and easily.

We are currently working on two more academy courses with the same aim. Those two courses will be:

  • Understanding stablecoins
  • Diving deep into DeFi with Borrowing/Lending Platforms

And yes, if anyone is willing to volunteer us in helping to curate these two courses or helping Comdex Ecosystem with anything else that they are capable of, it would be highly appreciated!

I’ll be writing a tweet about the same to call volunteers who want to help Comdex Ecosystem.