Comdex Domains -- Dev Fund Proposal

Dear Comdex Community,

I am writting to submit a complete grant proposal on behalf of the Comdex Domains Team, seeking a grant of 25 000 USD in $CMDX to spearhead the integration and advancement of CDomains within the Comdex ecosystem.
To provide some background, our team actively participated in the Comdex Hackathon and achieved success by winning the Misc prize, which amounted to $2,000. While this recognition is appreciated, it falls short of covering the necessary developer expenses required to sustain and advance the Comdex Domains protocol. Following internal discussions within our and Comdex’s team, we have decided to make this proposal to ensure the support the progress of Comdex Domains and the implementation of additional features.

Project overview:

Our proposal revolves around fortifying the integration of CDomains into the Comdex network while concurrently advancing its feature set. Comdex Domains is a decentralized name service that provides a secure way to resolve human-readable names to Comdex addresses. Comdex Domains is a critical infrastructure component for the Comdex ecosystem and will play a vital role in its growth and development. Its architecture aligns with the values and strengths in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Proof-of-Concept and MVP

The Hackathon Buidl is available here : Comdex Hackathon Buidl 7116
The CDomains MVP can be tested here :
The CDomains Demo is available here :


In the two months since our MVP launch, more than 5000 users have actively used the testnet for testing purposes. We’ve maintained a minimum of 100 daily users since the MVP rollout. The community feedback has been exceptionally positive and we’re proud to say that we secured the Misc prize worth $2000 at the recent Comdex hackathon. This gave us the opportunity to present our roadmap and vision to the Comdex team, who expressed great enthusiasm for our project.

How it benefits the Comdex Ecosystem:

Comdex Domains will have a significant impact on the Comdex ecosystem by making it easier for users to find and interact with Comdex dApps and services. This will increase the adoption of Comdex and help to grow the Comdex community. Comdex Domains will also provide a valuable service to Comdex developers by making it easier for them to create and deploy dApps.
CDomains, with its new features development, promises to support operations within the Comdex network. Users will experience a more cohesive and accessible decentralized domain management solution, making a sense of security and control over their digital assets.

Owning a .cmdx handle provides a sense of ownership and stake in the Comdex ecosystem. Registering and using a .cmdx domain, individuals become part of a growing community of builders, innovators and enthusiasts who are participating in the future of decentralized finance. This sense of ownership supports community members to actively be a part of the Comdex ecosystem, creating a more engaged and collaborative environment. The shared identifier brings a sense of belonging among community members, creating a virtual space where they can connect, collaborate, and share their passion for Comdex.


Before delving into the specifics of each milestone, we want to acknowledge that we recognize the significant commitment we are asking from the dev fund. We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in this journey, and to demonstrate our commitment to your investment, we’ve meticulously structured our project into distinct milestones. This approach makes sure that funds are allocated responsibly, reflecting the progress and complexity of each phase. We believe this milestone-based strategy will not only provide you with a clear understanding of our development roadmap but also instill confidence in the systematic evolution of the project.

Milestone 1: New features on Testnet for Comdex Domains

  • Goal: Implement and finalize key features on the Testnet.
  • Deadline:30/11/2023
  • Objectives:
    • Deployment of smart contracts on the Testnet.
    • Traction for domain management and metadata modifications.
  • Budget Allocation: 33%
  • Description: This milestone involves the development and deployment of the final features smart contracts on the Testnet, so users can have complete control over their decentralized identity on the Comdex network. Users will be able to shape their identities according to their preferences.

Milestone 2: Mainnet launch of the CDomains App

  • Goal: Deploy smart contracts on the Mainnet for the full-featured CDomains application.
  • Deadline: 20/12/2023
  • Objectives:
    • Full deployment on the Mainnet.
    • Launch of a marketing campaign to attract users to the Comdex platform.
    • Implementation of new servers to accommodate a maximum number of users.
  • Budget Allocation: 33%
  • Description: This milestone marks the official launch of the CDomains application on the Mainnet. A marketing campaign will be initiated to bring users to Comdex, and additional servers will be set up to support increased user traffic.

Milestone 3: Building a domain marketplace for Comdex Domains

  • Goal: Deploy and integrate a marketplace into the Comdex Domains application, allowing users to trade and earn CMDX domains.
  • Deadline: 15/01/2024
  • Objectives:
    • Deployment and integration of a domain marketplace protocol.
    • Enable users to buy, sell, and trade domains directly within the CDomains application.
  • Budget Allocation: 34%
  • Description: In this milestone, a complete protocol will be built on top of Comdex Domains to establish a decentralized marketplace. This feature will support users to engage in domain trading activities directly through the application, eliminating the need for traditional marketplaces.

Budget Breakdown:

  1. Integration - 10,000 USD in CMDX: This allocation will fuel the refinement of CDomains’ integration with maximum compatibility within the Comdex network. This supports the new features that we want to bring through servers, hostings and more.
  2. Developer compensation - 5,000 USD in CMDX: A portion of the grant will be allocated to cover the full-time developer compensation while building and maintaining Comdex Domains, which we are comitted to support for at least 5 years.
  3. Audit - 5,000 USD in CMDX: Ensuring the utmost protection of user assets is paramount. This budget will facilitate rigorous security audits conducted by reputable third-party firms.
  4. DApp Integration - 5,000 USD in CMDX: This segment of the grant will be dedicated to the strategic integration of CDomains with select DApps within the Comdex ecosystem.

How it benefits Comdex DApps:

The integration of CDomains with select DApps holds significant implications for the broader Comdex ecosystem. CDomains supports the usability of interconnected DApps by simplifying exchanges and transactions and creating a simplified experience for users across multiple applications. This initiative will bring a more interconnected and versatile environment within the Comdex network.

How CDomains benefits the $CMDX token:

  1. Increased demand for $CMDX: Comdex Domains will require users to pay in $CMDX to register and renew their domain names. This will create a new demand for $CMDX and more holders.
  2. Increased usage of Comdex: Comdex Domains will drive more traffic to the Comdex network, as users will need to interact with the blockchain to register and manage their domain names. This increased usage could lead to increased users for the network, which could further benefit $CMDX holders.
  3. Improved Brand Recognition: Comdex Domains will help to raise awareness of the Comdex brand and its $CMDX token.
  4. Security: Comdex Domains will be stored on the Comdex blockchain, which is a secure and tamper-proof ledger. With CDomains usernames used for transactions in wallets, users can now trade, earn, send, recieve, buy and sell $CMDX without having to fear sending the tokens to the wrong address.
  5. Reduced Costs: Comdex Domains will be more affordable than traditional domain names, as they will not be subject to the same high fees and renewal costs.
  6. Privacy: While explorers are quite useful in the ecosystem, it can be hard to keep track of the adresses to fully understand a specific transaction. The integration of Comdex Domains into explorers will make it easier for users to track operations on the network and fully understand them.

In conclusion, we believe that this project is fully aligned with the mission of Comdex, and as you can see, the protocol means a lot to us. We want to build on Comdex and raise awareness about its technical advantages to attract more users, developers, and volume. Your support will not only drive the success of CDomains but will also contribute to the continued growth and interconnectedness of the entire Cosmos ecosystem.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We are excited about the prospect of contributing to the sustained success of the Comdex community and we are available for any question.

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Just being critical; how does this stand out from all the other name-service attempts we saw in the ecosystem before?

Like Starname (IOV), Teritori name service, Interchain names (or something like that), and I probably forget a few…

Great question! Comdex Domains stands out due to its native integration within Comdex, unlike other name-service attempts our native infrastucture and our dedication to integration is one of our main differentiators. The protocol is not there to integrate all Cosmos chains, but to bring advantages and to unify the network.
CDomains is developed to be easily integrated with an extensive selection of decentralized apps on the blockchain, hence simplifying user operations and promoting a more cohesive ecosystem. We are comitted to build a library accessible to any project and to integrate any protocol or wallet built on Comdex. We are already in talks with many projects and will integrate our domains as soon as we can start building the new features.

We also stand out because of our focus on user customisation. Comdex Domains is made by the community for the community, so it offers an amount of adaptation that surpasses what conventional name-services are able to provide, making it possible for users to totally control and manage their decentralized identities. Every change will be voted and requested, approved or refused by the users.

I am a bit sceptical on the added value of Name Services looking back at what really has been achieved with the past experiences.

Noteworthy is the relatively small spend, which makes it possible to take a gamble.

@comdexdomains, I have some concerns regarding the proposed grant:

  1. Market Strategy and Grant Size: The proposal’s go to market strategy appears unclear. I suggest reassessing and possibly reducing the grant amount from $25,000 to align with these uncertainties.

  2. Grant Structure in CMDX: Structuring the grant in dollar value rather than CMDX can be perceived negatively, as it may suggest a focus on immediate monetary gains over long-term belief in CMDX. I advise structuring the grant directly in CMDX to demonstrate commitment to the Comdex ecosystem.

  3. Value Addition Mechanisms: Incorporating a revenue-sharing model or a CMDX burn mechanism could significantly enhance the proposal. This would create a beneficial scenario for all parties involved.

  4. Grant Allocation in CMDX: Considering the total allocation of 12.5M CMDX (from Comdex tokenomics) to the dev fund it seems excessive for a domain name service application, a grant of 1.5M CMDX(about 12% of the fund) seems excessive. I advise reducing the grant to below 500K CMDX, ensuring a more balanced allocation.

  5. Vesting Schedule for the Grant : Implementing at least a 12-month vesting schedule for the grant is crucial. This would ensure a commitment to the long-term success and stability of the Comdex Domains project.

I believe these adjustments could significantly strengthen your proposal and its alignment with the Comdex ecosystem’s goals.

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Thank you for your thoughtful feedback on our grant proposal for Comdex Domains. We appreciate the time and consideration you have given to our proposal. After careful review, we agree with the majority of your suggestions and are open to making the necessary adjustments to strengthen our alignment with the Comdex ecosystem’s goals.

Regarding the grant allocation in CMDX, we are willing to reduce the grant size to below 500K CMDX to ensure a more balanced allocation within the dev fund, addressing your concerns about the total allocation. However, we would like to bring to your attention that if we proceed with these adjustments, we may need to remove the marketplace from the milestones, as its development and operation are costly. We believe this modification is necessary to align our resources with the revised grant amount and ensure the sustainability of the project. As we work towards making the necessary adjustments, we want to highlight that the funds allocated in the grant proposal are needed primarily for running the project.

We look forward to further discussion and collaboration to refine our proposal and contribute meaningfully to the Comdex ecosystem.

It might be good to split the roadmap in separate pieces and make the grant per piece.

Deliver the first piece on the first grant and the hackathon earnings. Give the proof-of-concept.
And go for further grants later if it proofs to be a successful product.

Absolutely, I think this approach makes sense. I appreciate your suggestion, and I’ll make revisions to the proposal accordingly.