Comdex Product: Harbor Protocol

Harbor_Protocol is Interchain Stablecoin Protocol developed by Comdex.

Harbor dApp is dedicated to minting stable coins collateralized by a range of crypto allowing customers to extract additional income!

Explore the product’s capabilities while you have a chance:

  • What is it for?
  • What makes Harbor unique?
  • Quick start
  • Manage your assets
  • How to Mint $CMST?
  • Using other collaterals
  • Take part in auctions
  • Harbor Governance

For a more precise explanation of the Harbor dApp functionality, follow the link)


Good Informative thread. But what exactly are we discussing here?

Absolutely any questions related to Harbor Protocol App.

Perhaps some of the users have questions about the points I have covered or some of the application tabs are not clear to them.

I think the forum users also have a lot of ideas about what new tabs and functionality they would like to see on Harbor Protocol App.

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Would it be good for HARBOR to make available Vaults that contains RE Assets ?