CSWAP long terme

I am still searching for the utilities of cswap, to stand out from the DEXs that are Osmosis and Crescent. Cswap should not be the center of stabilization peg of CMST, Crescent and Osmosis will do the job. Cswap should help Comdex applications to develop. One thing that would be a real advantage is integrating an auction management system on Harbor!?! For example, an “auctions” page on cswap, with the different auctions of Harbor with the cswap exchange, I mean: if there are 10 ATOM as collateral for 134 CMST, and the price of ATOM is 2% below, you can directly perform the auction on cswap !!!

Ici j’écris en Français car je suis de France les gars !

J’ai un code (en sagemaths) qui peut faire ça, de l’arbitrage :

avec les tx mintscan :

I think that deeply integrating all the various dApps into one manageable platform would be beneficial for Comdex on the long run. Users will most likely not switch platforms continuously to benefit from the tools around.

cSwap as centrol to the tooliverse where you can mint CMST using an integrated widget, trade cAssets later on, profiting from liquidations and more.

That would greatly make the interfaces a lot clearer, but also the scale of the tools delivered.

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