DAOsign Grant Proposal

Project Name

DAOsign is a decentralized platform for agreements and automated workflows, with publicly verifiable, cryptographic proofs-of-signature, designed for DAOs and WEB3 companies.

Verifiable Signature is at the core of DAOsign and is based on 3 key proofs: proof-of-identify, proof-of-authority, and proof-of-agreement. Utilizing these proofs, DAOsign provides a platform to design and configure complex workflows that combine smart-contract-based automation with authorized approvals.


Pitch Deck
Please, take a look at our pitch deck with more details: DocSend

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It sounds like a good product, but I am really curious if this is a correct fit for Comdex.

Implementing this kind of platforms moves further and further away from where Comdex started. I would be insanely triggered if there would be a project building an oracle for commodities, such that we can move forwards on that field. That is truly an unique feature for Comdex to avoid it being one in a dozen projects.


Your project, DAOsign, sounds incredibly innovative and promising for the decentralized ecosystem. It could be great for you to showcase DAOsign and receive valuable feedback by participating in Comdex Hackathon at Comdex Hackathon | Hackathon | DoraHacks

ref -https://twitter.com/ComdexOfficial/status/1668598407928352769

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@VilSa_9 @Leonoors_Cryptoman
Thanks for your feedback, guys!
And I’ve already applied for Comdex Hackathon :slightly_smiling_face: