Decrease min mint cmst in harbord

this is a discussion for a governance proposal.
I think in non-stable vaults, the debt floor is too high.

I mean comdex is about making finance democratic!!!

To use Harbor vault ATOM / CMST, one has to collateralize a large amount of ATOM (today around 30 ATOMS)… As $Harbord has been airdropped to many people, there are many small wallets who want use harbord … but you have to test before understanding, right ???

I think that for the start of harbord and the movement on the comdex ecosystem in general, the minimum amount of cmst in non-stable vaults should be reduced to $20 (equivalent to 5 or 6 atom) that already seems pretty good to me to allow people to TEST and LEARN (it’s important for me !)

wath do you thinck ?


Sounds like a good discussion. Can the team elaborate why the $100-minimum was introduced? In principle risks are covered in the CR-ratio I guess, so the amount of CMST to be minted should not matter?

Or is it an attempt to protect the chain from gazillions of micro-mints?

Hey Thanks for initiating this conversation. The minimum amount of 100$ was set to prevent millions of micro mint vaults as @Leonoors_Cryptoman has already mentioned. Another reason was that the auctions would also get affected. Imagine 10$ vaults getting liquidated and the entire auction page will get affected if there are malicious intents towards the protocol. Having 100$ makes it 10 times harder for someone to do the same. Also people would bid for say 100$ worth of atom at a 10% discount thereby giving them an instant ~10$ profit if gas fees and all are included. However the same cannot be said for a 10$ vault.

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Ok, can we use a stable mint to claim the airdrop task?

OK, I understand the answer. Thank you. Maybe in the long term a happy medium should be found. Does half (so 50 CMST mint) seem reasonable to you? It could also test a little the Harbor protocol?

No, it’s the mean of my message … Harbor token was airdrop to many smal wallet and they can’t validate this mision !

(sorry i’m french my english is bad)

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Well, most people will ‘Wait & See’ how much will Harbor be worth, I guess.

We will see if we can reduce the minimum amount from $100 along with some other parameters if needed. However Harbor price should not be a factor for people to decide to mint CMST or hold or sell the Harbor token. Just by holding the token and staking it, the Harbor protocol rewards the holders in 3 ways :

  • Weekly Harbor emissions- 50% of the supply will be given out to the vaults and pools.
  • Voting power- Users can vote on proposals as well as vote weekly on their vaults where they want to direct emissions. If they hold less Harbor then lesser will be their voting power and subsequently less emissions to their vaults.
  • Value accrual Burn Mechanism- Users will receive the revenue collected by the protocol indirectly. This value accrual burn mechanism is implemented and the Harbor token will be burned once surplus threshold is reached thereby reducing the supply. This is another way how we as a protocol want to reward the long term investors/holders of the Harbor token. The mechanism has been inspired by Makerdao, so users should see and understand how the Maker token has performed over the past years.

Ok, with all due respect and support to the project, this looks like you’re pulling people into an airdrop to give them free tokens to support the project if they complete some tasks, but then in one of the tasks you’re asking campaigners to invest $100 to successfully complete the mission and received the awarded tokens in full.
Is this correct?

Note that a large part of the airdrop can be done for free (60%).
And note that the $100 of minted $CMST is still owned by the person minting it. So they do not lose any money, but get free coins in return.

And they do not need to do it, it is optional. I am totally ok with having such prerequisites, we have seen to many free airdrops where people only do the effort to get some free tokens, but do not do anything in return for the project. With these tasks the protocol also has a (small) benefit in return for handing out free tokens.

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