Discussion: 25% Initial deposit mandatory for submitting governance proposals

As you all know, governance is crucial in any decentralized ecosystem. It allows token holders to participate in decision-making and shape the future of the network. Comdex Chain also follows the same principles, and we are constantly working towards improving our governance framework.

Recently, we have noticed an increase in spam proposals on our network. These proposals do not add value to the ecosystem and waste time and resources. To address this issue, we have introduced a mandatory initial deposit of 25% for governance proposals to be put on the Comdex Chain.

This initial deposit is a one-time fee that the proposer must pay before submitting the proposal. It will deter spam proposals and ensure that only serious proposals are submitted to the network. The deposit will be refunded if the proposal is accepted.

We understand that this may seem like an additional burden for genuine proposers, but it is necessary to maintain our governance system’s integrity.

There is no requirement for an initial deposit in the current system. However, if this is implemented, an initial deposit of 750 CMDX, which is 25% of the total 3000 CMDX, will be required to submit a proposal.


I am in favour of it.
This will help to maintain the integrity of the Comdex Chain governance system and ensure that only serious proposals are submitted. I believe this will be beneficial for the Comdex ecosystem and the community

This is a good step. We see more projects implementing this and it is proven to be effective.

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