(Discussion) Transitioning to a Permissionless CosmWasm Chain

The Comdex team is intently focused on the future. We’ve dedicated significant time to examining the structural evolution of the Comdex chain, and after thorough analysis and reflection, we have identified a pivotal direction for Comdex: Moving Comdex from its current permissioned CosmWasm setup to a more open, permissionless Cosmwasm.

In our recent initiatives, which included extensive consultations with external contributors and organising hackathons, the feedback centred on the limitations and challenges of the permissioned structure. This feedback is invaluable.

CosmWasm has its strengths, offering a powerful and versatile environment.
By encouraging a decentralized permissionless environment, we anticipate an uptick in developmental activities, thanks to the elimination of barriers to entry.

We recognize that with change come challenges. Matters of scalability, potential vulnerabilities, and evolving governance are in our considerations. Ensuring the security, robustness, and efficiency of the chain non-negotiable. Therefore, while we are enthusiastic about the opportunities a permissionless system presents, we are equally committed to meticulous planning and execution to address potential risks.

We encourage active discussion and feedback from the community.


I do understand the possible limitation of permissioned CosmWasm, but it surely has a positive effect on the security.

Have you looked at the model at Osmosis where certain addresses can be whitelisted for uploading smart contracts? That way you have a lot more control over the freedom on the one hand and the security of the chain at the other hand.

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