Enable axlDAI and gravDAI in stablemint

The following is a discussion about adding DAI into stablemint on the Harbor protocol.
Users would be able to mint CMST using DAI 1:1. This allows users to diversify the assets they can use to mint CMST on stablemint, thereby making it more appealing to a broad and diverse range of users and limiting exposure to a single stablecoin. AxlDAI and gravDAI are proposed to be included in the stablemint to reduce reliance on a single bridge. Adding DAI for minting CMST as an asset could potentially boost CMST adoption.
We recommend a debt ceiling of $250k for axlDAI and gravDAI, respectively. This would result in a total debt ceiling of $500k for minting CMST with DAI in the stablemint. This limit will be raised via governance after sufficient CMST is minted with other collateral assets.

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congratulations to the team for the work you do! A question :

What stable collateralization ratio do you want for a good management of Harbor?

I mean, in maths terms may be easier to understand my question:
(sum stable vault) / Total mint cmst = ?

for the moment it is 1 (obvious), but with the possibility of mint cmdt with Atom it will go down but what ratio do you want for the good health of harbor?

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We want to maintain a healthy ratio between volatile assets and stablecoins.No concrete numbers yet, but stablemint exists to provide arbitrage and an easy way to maintain the peg in adverse circumstances.

What is the volume of these assets across cosmos? Wouldn’t it be more prudent to wait for native usdc to launch and use as the main stable mint rather than Dai which would collateralized (mainly by usdc) and Carries the risk of the bridge being attacked? Same with axlusdc. These could both become very illiquid once natives stablecoins are here on cosmos/ comdex

I think this fits well with the stableswap stuff being developed on Osmosis.

I guess a lot of different stables makes the system stronger. So I am a fan of this (also seeing both the Axelar as the Gravity version included). In due time we can always revert choices made (right, @Ismail?) or limit the amount of $CMST what can be minted with these two assets.

Yes through a governance proposal it can be reversed and the debt ceilings can be controlled as well along with other parameters of the harbor protocol.

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