Enable LP rewards on Junoswap

Hey everyone. Such a successful launch of RAW DAO and Junoswap enabling LP rewards. You can see clearly this is working well.

Id like to gather some feedback on proposing we consider putting Comdex pool up next for rewards.

Looking at the road map from Comdex, you are doing some interesting stuff.

I think it would be a good idea to start bringing in this network.

Currently staking only offers something like 60% and i think it would give the token more use-case if you could earn RAW on the LPs in Junoswap.

Thoughts on this?

I think having some background information would help people.

Here is a link to what appears to be RAW DAO’s tokenomics:

Some info about Juno:

Just checked…there appears to be $18.5K in liquidity in the JUNO-CMDX pool on JunoSwap. And $5.2 million in the JUNO-RAW pool.

According to Dexmos, there is $2.6 in liquidity in the OSMO-CMDX of which 88.9% is bonded for 14 days and 9.3% is currently being unbonded.

There is $2.4 million in liquidity in the ATOM-CMDX pool on Osmosis. 96.5% is bonded for 14 days and 2% is currently being unbonded.

1 RAW = approximately $0.06USDC on Osmosis Frontier.

In the OSMO-RAW pool there is $22.7K in liquidity according to Dexmos. And $5.1K in the RAW-DAI pool on Osmosis.

If I find anything that seems relevant, I will also make sure to post and share.


Thanks for the reply. But the point of incentivising the pool is to drive more liquidity in. Wouldnt it be useful for CMDX if say 150% APR was listed on Junoswap?

Open to hear more thoughts on this.

Thank u.