Enable LUNA 2.0 and Polygon (WMATIC) as collateral for the minting of CMST

Enable LUNA 2.0 and Polygon (WMATIC) as collateral for the minting of CMST

The purpose of this thread is to enable Luna and WMATIC as collateral for the minting of CMST.
A user may open a position in any of the vaults based on his needs, each of which will have a distinct CR ratio, debt ceiling, stability fee, and other relevant parameters. The parameters for the creation of six vaults are outlined in the following proposal.

The above numbers are decided as per the risk parameter blog.

Will these be uploaded in 2 separate proposals?

Furthermore; I am a fan of listing wMATIC, not so sure about LUNA tbh. Still not convinced of that chain. What is the reasoning behind LUNA over other possible assets?

Appreciate your thoughts and concerns. Yes there will be separate proposals for both.

Luna community is still building many Dapps and the ecosystem is still growing and has an active and growing community. Harbor token was also airdropped to the Luna community and we would like to involve more user participation from their community onto our chain and participate in governance decisions and forum discussions and increase the adoption of our stablecoin.

Also the risk analysis has been done with a debt ceiling of of $150k and CR is more than comparatively good assets like WBTC, WETH MATIC, ATOM etc.

Its not just Luna but many more assets will be added every week like CMDX, wBNB, DOT, MATIC, EVMOS, stosmo, juno and so on.

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