Error with faucet

Error with the Faucet. Cant collect any tokens for the testnet. Anyone find a fix for this? I have a keplr wallet and hold $CMDX tokens. If anyone has an answer or a quick fix for this so I can play around with the testnet that would be great.

Problem persists. I either get this error or sequence mismatch error

Hi @Lucaspringle6
Please check your keplr wallet. Sometimes even though the site throughs an error, the token gets transferred.
If the problem persists then please send me your testnet wallet address, I’ll send you some faucets.

Hi @Pashukanis
This is probably due to chain overload.

Please try again and if the problem persists then let me know your wallet address, I’ll send you some faucets.

I get the error above or just “sth. went wrong” but I got the testnet tokens in my wallet.

Still not working and nothing has been sent to my wallet. This time I recieved, “rpc error: 32603”’ stating that it timed out.

my wallet address: comdex1wykcky3dqgvd0hgejp0nw54q5jq263c9gmmkjj

Thank you


I’ve sent you 1k test tokens

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I have this same problem

@Grandzik Please check your wallet,
I’ve sent you some tokens

I did not get anything