Feedback comdex devnet-2, eror

devnet-2. when reopening i have experienced almost all the features. After experiencing it I have a few comments as follows:

swap: fast and stable. no error at all. but only CMDX can be swapped to other tokens. swap is not possible

2, the borrow feature was working properly when the team fixed the bug. in the borrow section added an edit feature, Close

3,farm is very fast and stable. added earning feature. still keep remove liquidity

4, in the borrow section. edit has very convenient features such as: deposit, withdraw, draw, repay very convenient and flexible

5, in the Assets section, you can only deposit OSMO. LUNA cannot deposit while my wallet has 5 LUNA. Since I can’t faucet ATOM, XPRT, I haven’t tried to deposit yet

Summary: the team fixed the bug very well, added many features but still had bugs. hope the team will listen and check for protocol errors.

Thanks team !

I am trying the new Devnet-2, but it isn’t working properly after you fix all the bugs.I can’t swap, borrow, or anything. Tomorrow, I will try again.

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I have had quite a bit of success with the features but have also encountered the same issues that you describe in bullet 5.

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devnet2 didnt work i make a deposit funds are gone from wallet and in app still 0

Hi… First of all your website is easy to use and fast even tho its just a testnet. I dont mind sum transaction issues since its jut a testnet. But i wanna mention about sumthng that tricks me all da time and failure while i try to edit my borrowed assets. Doesnt matter which Duo i am trying to Borrow, like any kinda collateral asset against any kinda borrow casset i choose For example CMDX & SILVER Or OSMO & OIL after i approve my transaction and its approved i go to edit to deposite sum or repay etc. I realise it turned back into CMDX & GOLD duo. After every borrowing transaction complated doesnt matter whot u pick it goes back to CMDX & GOLD and sumtimei dont pay attention to that and go do my edit and realise i jut edited CMDX & GOLD not other option i just did borrow. Hope i make sense. Rest works well for me on the website.

PS: i ll share some images to make sure i am more clear about what i am talking about :slightly_smiling_face:



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