Finally a substantive question :D

In this case, 3333333HARBOR goes to veHarbor holders or vault co-owners ?

Second questions

For example, if I have 25 days to collect HARBOR from veHARBOR (case 4 months) will my weekly rebase be due in 25 days or 4 months?

Answer to 1st Question

In this case, the 3,333,333 HARBOR tokens would still go to the veHarbor holders, as they are the ones who have locked their $HARBOR tokens for a specific period of time and have increased voting power in the protocol. Additionally, emission rewards are distributed to users with an active vault position on Harbor or those who provided liquidity to CMST paired pools on Cswap. The veHARBOR voting power determines where the maximum emissions are directed.

Answer to 2nd Question

If you have 25 days left to collect HARBOR from veHARBOR (in the case of a 4-month lock), your weekly rebase will still occur on a weekly basis, as the rebase rewards are separate from emission rewards. You will continue to receive weekly rebases until the end of the 25 days (or the remaining lock period), after which you will no longer receive rebases for that particular lock.

  1. so 3,333,333 goes to veHarbor holders and 1,666,667 to vault co-owners?

  2. whether the veHarbor tokens received in rebase have a lock (if so, how much is it) ?

  • 3,333,333 HARBOR tokens will be distributed as emissions to vaults/pools.
  • 1,666,667 HARBOR tokens will be distributed to veHarbor holders as rebases.

Regarding the lock on veHarbor tokens received in rebase:

  • veHarbor tokens received in rebase will be locked for the same duration as the user’s primary locked position, starting from the day they receive the new tokens.
  • For example, if a user has 1,000 veHarbor locked for 4 months and receives 50 veHarbor in rebase, the additional 50 veHarbor will also be locked for 4 months from the time the user receives it.

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