Harbor Airdrop Clawback

GM, there are still 47 days to claim the Harbor Airdrop but it looks like that the veHarbor tokens claimed are just 25% of the Harbor claimed (which have been directly sent to the eligible wallets without the need to be claimed). Considering the fact that veHarbor tokens are significantly more than Harbor tokens (80-20) it means that the vast majority of eligible addresses haven’t claimed their veHarbor airdrop or completed any mission.
Instead of a standard clawback of the unclaimed tokens I think it would be better to share those tokens between the addresses which have completed all the missions (as early users of the platform) with a quadratic airdrop so that the “whale” addresses would receive proportionally less tokens compared to the smaller addresses.
Feel free to share any comment below.

Interesting thought!

It might be a little bit early to conclude this imo, since there is still so long to go.

Do you also want to keep the 25% of veHarbor in the wallets? Because history has shown that also these can be redirected.

The Harbor directly sent to the eligible wallets should not be clawed back, this should only apply to the veHarbor not claimed by completing the missions. Redirecting tokens already airdropped to private wallets is a bad precedent and it will stain the reputation of the chain.
The wallets which have completed all the missions have used cSwap, Harbor and Commodo and, as early users and supporters, should be rewarded with the unclaimed tokens.
I hope that the team will find a new use case for Harbor cause as it is, it’s not different from RAW which has been proven to be a useless governance and farming token.
My suggestion is to use staked Harbor as an APR multiplier for the CMST pairs on cSwap
i.e. you stake 1.000 Harbor and you get 1.1x of the APR
you you stake 5.000 Harbor and you get 1.2x of the APR
you stake 10.000 Harbor and you get 1.3x of the APR
you stake 15.000 Harbor and you get 1.4x of the APR
you stake 30.000 Harbor and you get 1.5x of the APR

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Redirecting tokens already airdropped to private wallets is a bad precedent and it will stain the reputation of the chain.

Thanks for saying this. And I totally agree with you.

Airdrop is for about 41 days open from here. And it might indeed be nice to re-airdrop the unclaimed parts to people who took the effort to do all parts of the airdrop.

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@Skeletor @Leonoors_Cryptoman Thanks for all your suggestions. On the point of not clawing the Harbor sent to the wallets, I would like to say that it affects the harbor that is in supply and in turn the emissions, proposals, quorum, Harbor/veharbor ratio. If Harbor and veHarbor tokens have been airdropped to users but if they are inactive or not using the protocol, then we would need to claw it back since the airdrop is an initial means to reward users for using Cosmos ecosystem and being an ACTIVE part of it.

Yes for the early adopters of the protocol we will do allocate certain amount. However this drop wont be based on the fact that the initial tasks were completed but infact can be a surprise drop. We would want users to show continued support to the Harbor protocol and things like participation in governance voting, having an open ATOM/ OSMO / other assets as collateral position to mint CMST, can be taken into consideration.

Yes another part of the Harbor can be used to incentivize CMST pools and vaults. The team will have discussions regarding this when its much closer to the end period. Since there are 40 more days left to claim the Harbor token, its is difficult to predict anything.

It is indeed too early to draw conclusions, because the slowly changing atmosphere from massive bear to neutral might awaken a lot of people to claim their tokens again.

I think @Skeletor just wanted to give the heads-up already to monitor and to be prepared :slight_smile:
4 out of 5 tasks required an action, those can be easily clawed back imo, but the part which was airdropped to people anyway should remain with them I guess, since they have been given away and sort of transferred in terms of ownership.

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