Harbor Emissions Q&A

We’re excited to announce that emissions on the Harbor protocol will be starting soon! This forum discussion is the perfect opportunity for users to ask any questions they may have regarding Harbor emissions. To get started, we’ve answered some basic questions about emissions below.

What are Emissions?

Emissions on Harbor protocol refers to the distribution of Harbor tokens as rewards to users who participate in the platform by staking their Harbor tokens, providing liquidity to CMST paired pools and minting CMST using vaults. The emission schedule is based on a predetermined rate of token distribution over time. These emissions incentivize users to participate in the Harbor ecosystem, driving liquidity and adoption of the platform.

Where are these Emissions coming from?

Harbor tokenomics is based on the ve(3,3) model where 50% of the Total supply of Harbor will be distributed to users in the form of Emissions to expand the adoption of the protocol. The 50% Harbor tokens had been allocated for emissions at the start of the protocol itself.

What kind of Rewards are there for users?

Users will receive three types of rewards. The three types of rewards are Rebase Rewards, External Incentives and Emission Rewards.

  1. Users will receive Rebase Rewards if they have locked some Harbor. Users can stake here

  2. Users will receive Emission Rewards if they have an active vault position on Harbor or if they have provided liquidity to any of the CMST paired pools on Cswap. The veHARBOR voting power will determine where the maximum emissions are directed.

  3. Users of the Harbor protocol will also have the opportunity to receive External Incentives. These incentives are typically offered by other protocols to encourage users to vote for specific vaults or pools on the Harbor protocol. By providing these External Incentives, the goal is to increase engagement and participation within the Harbor ecosystem, ultimately driving adoption and expansion of the protocol.

Note-These External Incentives on Harbor protocol are separate from the Incentives provided on the Cswap pools and users must not confuse with one another.

How do users become eligible for these Rewards?

To become eligible for Harbor emission rewards, users can mint CMST or provide liquidity in CMST paired pools on Cswap AND lock some Harbor. Voting on pool/pairs is also required to receive rewards.

How long will these emissions take place and when will the rewards be distributed?

The emission of rewards on the Harbor protocol will occur on a weekly basis. Users will have a five-day window to cast their votes for their preferred vaults or pools, after which the reward distribution process will commence. The rewards will be distributed over the course of two days following the voting period, allowing users to receive their earned rewards in a timely and efficient manner.


Great news…

The emissions program on Harbor protocol will incentivize users to participate in the ecosystem, driving liquidity and adoption.
Looking forward to seeing the benefits it brings.


  1. By when can we expect this to go Live
  2. Will we have some video tutorials launched on Comdex - YouTube for members who are not familiar with minting & over-collaterals
  3. Will there be any min Minting of $CMST required or even StableMint pools will be eligible

Hi @VilSa_9 The following should answer your questions.

  1. We are testing it out currently. Some changes are required in UI and UX as well.Trying to make it more user friendly and hence taking slightly longer. We will be deploying it on testnet and then on mainnet. Should here from us soon.
  2. Yes we are already making these videos. The tutorials will be shared on Comdex youtube channel.
  3. Yes minting only through vaults will be eligible for Harbor emissions and NOT from the stable mint. Also LP providers in CMST paired pools will receive emissions.
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Big Announcement …

The wait is over!:rocket:

Harbor emissions go live on 10th July!

Mint $CMST and vote for the vaults you would like to see emissions directed to!

Explore: https://app.harborprotocol.one

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wahou !!! nice team !

hello, i don’t understand : " Users will also be eligible if they mint CMST from vaults AND/OR LP & Farm in CMST pools during the emission period " from https://blog.comdex.one/harbor-emissions-a-complete-walkthrough-ba83a65cc4fe

I need an example : for example, if i mint CMST now, i’m elligible to emission ?

Yes if you mint you are eligible on that vault. If you LP on a cmst pool you are eligible. And if you do both then yes for both as well.

So if an user mint during the 5 days voting period , he is elligible, i suppose if user mint during so next 2 days of the week he is no elligible for the emission of the week.
Another question : i see the team as 100 millions of staked harbor,

does the team vote for the emission ?

You can mint anytime during the emission period. However you need to keep the vault open till the rewards for that week are distributed. If you close your vault before the rewards are sent, you will not receive anything. Opening the vault on 1st day or 5th day does not matter, you will be considered eligible.

However for a LP& Farm on CMST pool, users must atleast provide LP 1 day before the rewards are distributed as the Farming queue is updated after 24 hours. So essentially 1st 4 days you will be eligible.

The team will not vote for this weeks emission. For future ones it depends on factors like user participation and Harbor locking.


thx for the explaination !

Another small question. It’s the term “emission period” that I don’t understand. For the “voting period” I understand perfectly, but is the emission period the same as the voting period, or does the emission period include the voting period and the period between the end of the voting period and the instant of reward distribution? In other words, if I mint CMST after the end of the voting period but before the reward distribution, am I eligible for rewards from the vault? Thank you for this clarification.

it’s ok i find the answers :wink:

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