Harbor stress-test


Harbor protocol and CMST underwent a stress test yesterday… many liquidable positions! The Dex cswap didn’t handle the impact on the liquidations of atoms and statoms (which is normal considering the liquidity)… However, many positions were liquidated on Shade protocol (Secret Network) and stATom on Crescent via the statom /ist pool !
Shouldn’t Crescent and Shade be rewarded for the services they provide, with a minimum boost of two weeks in CMDX rewards?

But it’s a good point for CMST! The largest position of 224 atoms had a little difficulty (with a 2% return), a few days before a position of 2000 osmos…

The protocol seems healthy to me! There are some bots that are working well but overloading cswap!


Second stress test this week :smiley: … Harbor is good !!!

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Thanks for sharing and notifying!