Incentives for CMST/SILK pool on Cswap and Shadeswap

This forum discussion is to allocate $30k worth of Harbor over three months for CMST pools paired with SILK. Our proposal includes splitting these incentives between Cswap and Shadeswap and creating a ranged CMST/SILK pool on cSwap.

By doing so, we hope to make CMST and SILK more easily accessible to both communities, and expand the reach of both stablecoins. We believe this initiative will help create more liquidity for these tokens, and ultimately increase their utility.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the Shade Protocol team has agreed to match these incentives with SHD incentives. This partnership will further incentivize liquidity provision and increase trading volumes for both the stablecoins.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions from the community on this proposal. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this discussion.

Good idea.
But will you increase the liquidity of $HARBOR along with it?
It is now only $20,000

Why give away 30,000 if the token has no liquidity for it

Unless it’s supposed to be the same pool as cmdx-harbor on cswap
where the rewards are the same now. Only 99% of the liquidity there is the liquidity added by the team, so the prizes can circulate in an infinite loop

Maybe it would be better to run emissions on harborprotocol first so that the token’s usability will appear

Is there any information on the volume going on with SILK and ShadeSwap?

I think it is important to focus on exchanges and coins where a decent amount of volume and interest is located instead of being listed on all kinds of obscure exchanges and pairings.

Better do a couple of things really good, than a lot of things half.

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I dont think fragmenting liquidity is smart until we have deep liquidity on Cswap.

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Giving away tokens so that users can take part in harbor governance and emission which will start. They should ideally lock these tokens to get more voting power for emissions or LP in harbor/cmdx pool.

Liquidity on Cswap has been constant for a while now. By this incentive we would want to increase liquidity for both tokens, SILK and CMST. Users can provide liquidity on either Dex’s and its a win-win for both protocols and the Cosmos ecosystem on the whole.

I see that the shade team understands that it’s quality not quantity that counts

starting liquidity 3x higher than cswap

30k of emissions is a lot to incentivize liquidity on another chain. I think maybe around 10k-15k would be a better option

So I understand correctly the marketing strategy is to incentivize liquidity with Harbor hoping that they will stake instead of dump the tokens? I advise a better strategy Shankesh, until Harbor actually is up and running to its full potentially without Geo-blocks. Once we have decentralized front-ends im all for it. I do get that CMST liquidity is also important, so there is definitely an argument there

Its 15k on shadeswap and 15k on cswap for 3 months.

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Hey @Leonoors_Cryptoman Here is the link if this might be helpful. ShadeSwap LIVE on Mainnet

Also we will be having an AMA with them at the end of the month to clarify any doubts that the community has and also understand their long term goal. Would definitely want you guys to participate in that AMA ask any questions and would love to hear your thoughts post that as well. Also I completely agree not to go for many obscure exchanges. We believe Shade is different from other exchanges as they focus on very limited and well known assets. However this forum discussion is to voice out opinions and ideas of what you guys think as well. We will definitely reassess this based on the conversations in this chat and then make a call.

I think 10k of external incentives might be nice too

Let me know when it will be.

I can check if it fits the agenda :slight_smile: