Incentivization of the CMST/IST/DAI pool on Osmosis using Harbor tokens

The below forum discussion is for the incentivization of the CMST/IST/DAI Pool which will be incentivized by Comdex and Agoric, with Maker comarketing.

Initially the Comdex team incentivized this pool on Osmosis using CMDX tokens. However now that Harbor has been listed on Cswap, we will incentivize it with Harbor which is the governance token for CMST.

The CMST/IST/DAI pool will now be incentivised for a period of 60 days with $26,667 with BLD and $26,667 Harbor. This is equivalent to 1,666,666 Harbor tokens at the current price of 0.016$ which will come from the strategic partnerships as mentioned in the tokenomics to expand the usage of CMST.

Update- As the proposal will be onchain today, the current price is $0.018 which is equivalent to 1,481,500 Harbor tokens for the reward amount to be $26,667 as mentioned above.


Interesting experiment.

I think it is very good to have a time-limit on these incentives, because I am not sure yet whether this will have the intended goal. It would be great if we would get more holders of HARBOR who start to understand the concept and keep the coin to participate in governance.

However, there is a real risk people will just get the HARBOR and dump it on the market as soon as they can. So it might be good to do a regular analysis on what happens, also regarding possible sell volume in the HARBOR pool.

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Great to hear about continuing the incentivization of the CMST/IST/DAI pool …

While I appreciate the effort to include Harbor tokens in the incentive pool, I would probably prefer a 50/50 split between CMDX and Harbor tokens to make it more balanced and diverse. Just maybe because CMDX is more recognized & will attract better liquidity.

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Thanks for the suggestion. But if you consider Harbor as a protocol built by some other team, then why would Comdex team incentivize a CMST pool on Osmosis? The thought process here is that Harbor is independent and it is the governance token here and now for liquidity pools, CMST pools, Harbor will be used to incentivize them as mentioned in the tokenomics. Also it would be unfair to stakers/holders/investors of CMDX as giving out CMDX rewards for a CMST pool on Osmosis now that Harbor is now listed and tradable.

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Hmm. Understood & Agree to it better.
Thank You for responding. Lets hear about it from other members & proceed to build …