Incentivization of the CMST/IST/DAI pool on Osmosis

The below forum discussion is for the incentivization of the CMST/IST/DAI Pool which will be incentivized by Comdex and Agoric, with Maker comarketing.

This will be an incentivized Stableswap pool on Osmosis, with the goal of obtaining the deepest liquidity of a Stableswap by a large margin.

This incentive proposal should achieve a TVL of over $1,000,000 based on comparable pools and incentives amounts on Osmosis.

With the aim to increase the adoption of CMST and create deep liquidity, the creation of this pool will serve our purpose and also makes it more convenient for users to transfer funds and peg CMST if needed.

The Comdex and Agoric team will both incentivize this CMST/IST/DAI stableswap pool with $13,333 CMDX and $13,333 BLD for 30 days initially. Please share your thoughts on the above proposal discussion.

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$13,333 CMDX and $13,333 BLD

So $400 CMDX and $400 BLD roughly per day?
That sounds quite an incentive to start with indeed. A lot of projects don’t get to those numbers. When reaching the $1000000 this will result in an APR of external rewards of roughly 32%. But in the run towards the desired liquidity the APR will be higher.

It is an interesting move, will this also be countered with attractive APRs on cSwap to make sure we grow on both sides?

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I think the incentives are more than enough to start with. I would also think about the possibilities of other pools like a Comsos stable pool with CMST/IST/USK. That pool can, for example, be paired with DAI and SILK (so, 3-pool + DAI). Similar to what Curve is doing with its 3 pool. Or a 4-pool of CMST/IST/USK/SILK and pair that one with DAI (although I don’t know if it’s possible to include SILK easily because it’s not particularly pegged to $1). I believe it’s for the best of Cosmos to include all stables.

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Yes it will be $440 CMDX and $440 BLD. Speaking of not getting the numbers, well the rewards are structured for the first phase of 30 days and to predict the outcome of reaching or not is something not in our hands. The goal is definitely to reach to $1000000 quickly and new incentives will be announced once the current ones end. ( a week prior maybe as we need governance voting)

Yes Cswap will have its on incentives and attractive APRS to ensure growth on both ends.

Yes we are currently in talks. If things go as per plan, you will be here from us on twitter and here on forum.