Incentivization of the HARBOR/Osmo pool 951 on Osmosis

The below proposal is to use 1Mn Harbor tokens from the Foundation to incentivize Osmo/Harbor pool for a period of 30 days. These tokens will be from foundation as per the Harbor tokenomics (Link)

The aim is to attract and get liquidity into Harbor/osmo pool.

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Providing incentives for the Harbor/Osmo pool is a great way to not only attract new liquidity
Especially for those who recently received the HARBOR token airdrop as well as for those who claimed early & will have their second installment of the airdrop unlocking soon…
1M translates to more than 33,333 daily & maybe thats the only part I might prefer to have changed.
Either to 500,000 for 30 days to bootstrap or maybe have the 1M Harbor for 45 days …/

If all goes fine, by when can we expect this to be implemented

Small critical question; are we not shooting too much with incentives stacked together?

Liquidity for $CMST on Osmosis does not increase dramatically at this stage:

But the question at the moment is whether there is much liquidity to gain at this stage of the market. Liquidity and volume are quite hard to get currently with all the uncertainty in the market. Might a bit more conversative route which last longer not be more effective?

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Yes agreed but if you look at it, we would atleast want some liquidity on Osmosis as well. And in terms of incentivisation this is just the third if you only consider Harbor protocol, the other 2 being on CMST/DAI/IST pool and on Cswap itself. With emissions starting in sometime, the idea is 2 have Harbor trading on atleast a couple of dexes with sufficient liquidity.


Good point. It also makes the price for HARBOR more resistent because it is exposed on more platforms and to more users.

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Correct. This will also at least attract others from osmosis to use CMDX apps

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proposal up to date or resigned?

Still waiting for a reply?

Liquidity and volume are quite hard to get currently with all the uncertainty in the market as @Leonoors_Cryptoman mentioned correctly. We are re evaluating our strategies right now.

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