Incentivize $CMDX and $CMST pools on Crescent Dex

Comdex is looking forward to collaborate and expand CMST and CMDX adoption. In this endeavour Comdex would incentivizing CMST and CMDX pools on Crescent.The following is a discussion thread posted on Crescent commonwealth

For more details read the following thread:

The rewards would be allocated and distributed as per the model for liquidity rewards .


I see Crescent dex has a TVL of 7mil. Wouldn’t it be a better ROI to build up more liquidity and volume on osmosis or the upcoming wynd dex on Juno with incentives? If the goal is to onboard more users and volume

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The main advantage is that Crescent might attract real new users which are currently not targeted yet.

Would it in potential not even be better to check if $CMDX can be bridged to BSC or something like UniSwap to attract a real new set of traders?

There’s a lot of overlap between the osmosis and crescent communities. There’s Thorchain, Luna, and injective all connected with IBC which I think tend to have more independent communities and could bring new users to both protocols. That being said I’m not aware of how large the comdex budget is for incentives, it might be large enough to incentivize Crescent and not make a dent in the treasury.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yes we are already communicating with a couple of teams which you mentioned. However once things our finalised we will share it officially. The aim is to get new users onboard and expand $CMST across different chains and dexes.