Incentivizing of SILK/CMST pool on Shadeswap

We will be incentivizing the SILK/CMST pool on Shadeswap and extending the rewards program! The allocated rewards for this pool will be 30k Harbor/ day for the next 30 days. These rewards will be provided from the strategic partnership allocation of the tokenomics.

After considering the market conditions, liquidity in the pool and certain other factors, the team has decided to slightly adjust and lower the rewards . The total amount of Harbor tokens that will be distributed will be 900k for the next 30 days. Users can continue to provide liquidity on the SILK/CMST pool to earn these rewards.


perhaps I don’t understand because 30,000 * 30 days equals 900,000, so there is no reduction.

Will Secret Network provide liquidity to a SILK/CMST pool and incentives on CSwap?

I believe it is important to adopt a collaborative strategy, especially during a bear market. Win-win

It was 50k/ per day before. And yes Shade will also be providing incentives on the pool.

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What are your thoughts on the reduction of incentives on the pool? Is that in the light of the negative market sentiment? To keep a bit more in reserve when markets turn positive again?

Collaborative strategies and win-win situations are crucial, especially during bear markets.
Offering incentives by both teams on the SILK/CMST pool is a smart move

hey, i love to see a pool SILK / CMST on swap ! It’s ok to incentivise on shade (awesome dex algorithm) but if shade protocol could incentive a pool in swap this is grater, I feel like we are being left behind in this story, we need some external help on cswap (liquidity is really, really…). I know it’s not easy, but stay strong everyone.