Increase the voting period from 3 days to 5 days

This proposal aims to extend the voting period for proposals on the Comdex chain from three to five days.

Background: The current three-day voting period for proposals on the Comdex chain has allowed for rapid decision-making in some cases. However, this short voting period can also create a sense of urgency that may not allow for sufficient debate and discussion on proposals. In addition, proposals that are submitted on the weekend may have less time for discussion due to the reduced number of work days available.

Proposed Solution: Extending the voting period from three to five days would allow for more time for debate and discussion on proposals, which could help identify and address any issues that may not have been apparent during the shorter voting period.
The extension of the voting period would be implemented through a software upgrade to the Comdex chain.

One potential downside of extending the voting period is that it could lead to slower decision-making on the Comdex chain. However, the benefits of allowing for more thorough discussion and debate on proposals outweigh this risk.


Extending the proposal period to 5 days is a good step imo, since it gives voters a bit more to do the actual voting. It also lowers the risk of spam proposals coming through when posted on periods of lesser activity around the weekend.

However, it should not be done to allow room for more discussion. For that it would be required to actively seek the governance discussion before things are being put on chain. Just like on Osmosis and Juno for example things have to be for 3 days on Commonwealth before they are “allowed” to be posted on chain. That would allow proper debate and discussion.


Definitely in support of this. Lets get it to onchain voting ASAP @Ismail