Kado & Comdex Partnership Proposal

Kado is looking forward to partnering with Comdex to provide direct fiat on/off-ramp services for the Comdex ecosystem. Kado also envisions a long-term partnership with Comdex by exploring and collaborating on various fronts in the future.

Kado is building payments infrastructure for web3 and the future of digital money. Simple, frictionless access to and utility for crypto — on/off ramp APIs, cross-chain onboarding, NFT infrastructure, and more.

While other crypto on-ramps exist in the space, the onboarding experience to web3 is clearly not solved. Today’s on-ramps are just scratching the surface of what is possible. Kado is not just an on/off-ramp. We are deeply partnering with the builders in Web3 ecosystems like Comdex to be an extension of those communities, and build alongside them.

Users will easily be able to on-ramp in a single instant transaction into the Comdex ecosystem and off-ramp DeFi rewards back to their bank accounts. Builders in the Comdex ecosystem will be able to onboard users from 150+ countries, as well as capture cross-chain capital through the Kado integration. This means popular apps such as Harbor Protocol built on Comdex can directly be accessed by users from wherever they are in the world.

In the immediate term Kado will work to integrate with Comdex & Axelar to on/off-ramp CMDX + axlUSDC to Comdex dApps. Once native USDC comes to Cosmos, Kado will migrate the integration to native USDC on/off-ramping to Comdex.

Proposed Partnership & Timeline:

Kado will work as an on/off-ramp solution for the Comdex ecosystem.

The partnership primarily focuses on –

  • On/Off-ramp and payments solution for Comdex users, apps, wallets, and more
    • 10 minute onboarding (KYC) to Comdex for new/existing customers, and fiat-crypto APIs (protocols/apps)
    • Instant CMDX & USDC on-ramp to Comdex (CMST to be added at a later date)
    • 1 day off-ramp (ACH + Wire, international bank transfers on the way)
  • Cross-chain onboarding via Kado/Comdex’s bridge partner Axelar
  • Marketing, education, mutual growth, and network effects
    • Excited and eager to work with the Comdex ecosystem to onboard new customers every day.

The estimated timeline of integration includes –

  • 1-2 months for integration buildout, testing, and audit.

In exchange, Kado requests Comdex to support Kado by providing a grant of $30k worth of CMDX tokens from Comdex’s Ecosystem Development fund.

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This is a full yes for me.

Making onboarding funds easier is something which is hard needed in the Cosmos ecosystem.


We can also integrate this to syndicate! ALL FOR IT

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