Kado + Comdex Partnership


Kado is looking forward to partnering with Comdex to provide on/off-ramp services for Comdex’s upcoming $CMST stablecoin. Kado also envisions a long-term partnership with Comdex by exploring and collaborating on various fronts in the future.


Kado has been working on B2B on/off-ramp API and SDK-like offerings for builders and merchants to benefit from. Kado was built specifically to provide simpler and frictionless access to stablecoins capabilities to as many use cases and platforms as possible.

Kado strives to be an integral money lego of infrastructure for the future of stablecoin utility, whether an on or off-ramp, the acquisition of a payment solution, or how you easily benefit from high-yield savings with your stablecoins.

Kado majorly has two solutions –

  • Kado Pay: arms crypto-native users with the ability to spend stablecoins on their favorite brands and essentials. Live in Crypto. Pay with Kado.
  • Kado Ramp: It is the easiest way to move from fiat currency to stablecoins.

Proposed Partnership:

Kado will work as an on/off-ramp solution for Comdex Ecosystem Products.

The partnership primarily focuses on –

  • On/Off-ramp and payments solution for $CMDX & $CMST users, apps, wallets, and more
    • 15-minute onboarding (KYC) to Comdex for new/existing customers, (KYB) business solutions, and fiat-crypto APIs (protocols/apps)
    • Spend $CMST, $CMDX rewards in the real world, and <= 1 day off-ramp (ACH + Wire)
  • Lobbying & prioritising to our vendors, internal/external resources, and community
    • Work to implement $CMDX and $CMST
    • Address Comdex needs and requirements proactively, working with neo-banks, KYC/KYB, and ecosystem stakeholders
  • Marketing, education, mutual growth, and network effects
    • Excited and eager to work with the Comdex ecosystem to onboard new customers every day.

In exchange, Kado requests Comdex to support Kado by providing 250,000 $CMDX grant from Comdex’s Ecosystem Development fund.

Know more about Kado:


Hey All.

In case you have not seen it on Twitter, I wrote a blog post about this potential partnership, and the team asked me to share the post here also.

And there is the tweet of it:

Long story short, I’m in favor of the partnership.

Interested to here the Kado teams plans, if the requested CMDX is a long term hold, or if it will be sold off to cover costs - which would be understandable.

Generally looking forward to potentially having an easy fiat on and off ramp to CMST and the Comdex eco-system.




Thank you for the proposal, @KadoVince. We highly appreciate your thought of putting the proposal in front of our community and asking them for their opinion.

The proposed offerings made by Kado are something that Comdex was looking for. We feel Kado will play a significant role in helping our community better adapt our over-collateralized stablecoin, $CMST.

The fiat on-ramp is a vital part missing from the Comdex ecosystem. This partnership would enable users to easily bridge their assets from the centralized system to the decentralized. Kado would play a significant role in building this bridge.

However, Comdex being a community-driven project, will take all the decisions through governance and let our community decide what will be best for the Comdex Ecosystem & its Community.

We are keen to explore collaboration synergies with Kado. That is why we request the Kado team to raise a proposal on the Comdex chain mentioning their offerings & asks. If the key stakeholders of Comdex, that is, our Community, approve the proposal, then we will take the partnership forward.

Also, we would like to organize a Twitter Spaces with Kado Team to answer all the questions that Kado and Comdex Community may have regarding the partnership.