Liquid Staking Pairs or 3 Pools on cSwap

Goal: Increase Liquidity on staked assets pairs such as STKatom/STatom or no stable assets STosmo/STatom

Thesis: The liquid staking liquidity is fragmented across many chains and nobody is seeming to do this. cSwap is the best place to do so, allowing ranged liquidity on staking derivative pairs.

I think this could be very beneficial long term. Please feel free to discuss below on possible benefits and risks to doing so


Sounds like a good idea.

How will it differ from the combination concentrated liquidity + orderbook DEX Osmosis is working on? (just making sure there is a USP to sell ^^)

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Similar Idea to Uni v3, but need to have front ends or products to be developed to try manage the IL

cSwap already offers ranged pool feature that concentrates liquidity within a specific price range. Additionally, cSwap allows users to place limit orders to further enhance experience. These features already provide users with a similar experience to the concentrated liquidity + orderbook model being developed by Osmosis.

The UI for the orderbook feature in cSwap is still under development. Once UI is released, users will be able to access more advanced orderbook trading features. The current features in cSwap already provide users with the benefits of concentrated liquidity and limit orders and users don’t realize it.

It’s not 100% UI friendly but the UI aspect of all apps is being heavily worked upon.
Here’s me placing limit orders on a ranged pool :slight_smile: