Listing harbor token ? When?


Can we talk a little bit about the Harbor token?
I think the community wants to be able to trade it, does the team have a listing date planned?
Currently, the Harbor protocol is growing well and we have surpassed a million in TVL, can this key figure be an opportunity to allow trading of Harbor?

I am (somewhat) excited to see the use that can be made of Harbord and veHarbord!


Siddarth said within a couple of weeks in the interview with Liam but personally I’m not in a hurry. Waiting till the end of the claiming period would make sense. Just 32 days left.

Yes, it makes sense to wait until the end of the lock-up period, but if we do that, there will be a large amount of Harbor wanting to be sold. We may need to prepare the ground a little before. list a little before a price is set and the liquidity of the CMST / Harbor pool (or/and CMDX / Harbor) arrives on cswap!

Another positive point is to release the votes on governance proposals. At the moment, very few people vote (quorum = 10%, I think), allowing people who are not interested in comdex and harbord to exit and be healthy for the protocol, it will allow us to recover their tokens and vote!

Probably but it’s better to have all the sell pressure at once, several major unlocking will just be a major deterrent to potential new investors as they don’t want to be exit liquidity for people who received the tokens as an airdrop. Pricing the token would also make more sense when the protocol will be fully up and running (auctions, etc.).

see how farm rewards have lowered cmdx price, harbor will do the same.

On the other hand, making the token tradeable will allow it to get a price. Which might also trigger people to go ahead and claim their airdrop.

The problem is here

3% participation vote …
Poeple are not interessing cause the token is not treadable … :frowning:

Cmdx should be the only coin in the ecosystem. Now we have another unnecessary token due to greed of the team. Maybe we should reconsider removing the HARBOR token until trading is running

Currently, we have so few active users that such a change will not bring much hate, on the contrary, it may positively affect the price of cmdx.
If the team doesn’t want to change the application that much, they can introduce a fixed ratio of replacing cmdx with harbor, e.g. 1cmdx:10harbor and cmdx is burned. In this case, the economy of the token should be changed and the tokens distributed in the airdrop should be left.

I disagree with the idea that CMDX should be the only coin in the ecosystem. CMDX should not be solely used to promote CMST. Instead, HARBOR should be responsible for managing the protocol and only the protocol and the pools on cscap that are related to it. The introduction of HARBOR and VeHARBOR will create complexity in COMDEX and complexity leads to more transactions, on COMDEX.

I understand that complexity can be beneficial as it creates opportunities for arbitrage and other forms of liquidity. However, it is important to find a balance between complexity and user experience. Too much complexity can also lead to confusion and make it harder for users to navigate the platform. It’s important to consider the impact of introducing additional tokens on the ecosystem as a whole, and how it will affect the overall user experience."


I think it is important to see how we can enlarge the awareness of votings on Harbor.

People see the proposals on Comdex itself easily, because it is on the explorers which they follow. There are all sorts of notification bots helping with sending alerts to people to vote on proposals on Comdex itself.

For Harbor we don’t have that.
We might need to think of a method to bring proposals on Harbor more into the spotlight. I don’t think people don’t want to vote initially, but that finding if there is a proposal active requires too much clicks to find it. Making that easier would most likely already make quite the difference.