New Incentives for CMST/IST/DAI pool on Osmosis

We are excited to announce new incentives for the CMST/IST/DAI pool on Osmosis. This pool is one of the deepest CMST pools for us, and we want to incentivize liquidity providers to continue providing liquidity to this important pool.

We have allocated ~952,200 Harbor tokens($5332), which will be distributed over a period of 60 days on the CMST/DAI-IST pool. We hope that this will encourage more LPs to stake their tokens in this pool and help to increase its liquidity.

In addition to these new rewards, the Agoric team has agreed to match the incentives with an $ equivalent amount of BLD tokens. This means that liquidity providers who participate in this pool will not only receive the rewards we have allocated but will also earn BLD tokens.

We encourage all of our community members to consider participating in this pool and taking advantage of these new rewards.


Great news! The additional incentives for the CMST/IST/DAI pool are a commendable move by the ComdexTeam. The matching BLD tokens by the Agoric team are a cherry on top. This indeed is an excellent initiative to boost liquidity.

Good news indeed. Especially if it is possible to have both other projects incentivize the pool as well. In that case for a limited spend an attractive APR can be reached. Although I don’t think Maker will not incentivize a pool on Osmosis, it is really good that Agoric will do so.