New Money Markets on Commodo!

Commodo is a decentralized, open-source, IBC-native, collateralized lending-borrowing platform on Cosmos, built using the Comdex infrastructure. Any user can earn interest by depositing assets to the platform. Users can overcollateralize assets to borrow from the platform by paying an interest rate.

We are happy to announce to the community that we plan to create new money markets on the platform!

Given below are the parameters that will be set in motion for the new assets: axl_USDC, OSMO, and stATOM, where ATOM and CMST would be the transit assets in all cPools. Read more about the functioning of Transit assets and cPools here.

These parameters will be used on the app and can be discussed in this forum post.

Discussion points include:

  1. u_optimal

  2. Base

  3. Liquidation Threshold

  4. Liquidation Penalty

  5. Liquidation Bonus

u_optimal is the Optimal Utilisation value for the asset

Base is the Base borrow rate (Borrow rate at 0% Utilisation)

Liquidation Threshold is the percentage at which a loan is defined as undercollateralized

Liquidation Penalty is the penalty charged of debt if vault is liquidated due to bad Health Factor(Paid to protocol)

Liquidation Bonus is the penalty charged of debt if the vault is liquidated due to bad Health Factor (Paid to Bidder)

Parameters are added to the sheet:

Asset Parameters Commodo - Google Sheets and next to it are the details of each parameter and the parameter value.

We request our community to give us their valuable opinion and feedback on these parameters and values.

The values are set for each asset in the cPool. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions/queries you may have regarding any of the parameters.