New product idea - a multi way investing app

I would like to propose a multi way investing app to be developed on comdex for users like me who have time crunch to research on investing options across the protocols and ecosystem. With all the networks connected through IBC I believe this would be very easily achieved.


  • This is a draft of the functionality of the app with example

    Lets say a user has $500 in any tokens to invest and he comes to comdex’s multi investing app for this, he just locks his $500 in the any of the vault or pool or kitty (whatever we call this) and that’s it.
    There would be multiple kitty/pool/vault to choose with, and all will have different investing mechanism. There are already multiple solutions for this on web2, where users puts his fund and fund managers manages it thought different investing mechanism, except here it will be de-centralised and user is well informed about his funds investment.

How does it benefit the Harbor protocol ?

  • initially let’s only accept the funds in CMST, adding to increased adoption of CMST. This also minimizes the calculation overhead, comparing to if we accept the tokens. Later on we can add more kittys( I like this one better, kittehs as many say).

How does it benefits cswap and commodo ?

  • You guys are smart enough to guess it by now. The kittys will have LP and lending/borrowing as the investment plans.

How does it benefits the cosmos ecosystem ?

  • being IBC enabled the plans can also include staking on certain n/w’s where staking rewards are better than LP rewards. OR if the LP rewards are better on dexes other than cswap. or if the user wants a low risk profile to have more staking tokens plans.

The app will be designed to adjust its investment plans at a particular interval say 3-5 days depending on the returns.

I will let the draft proposal out for few weeks and will keep editing it with certain points before getting the proposal on chain or discussion with core team or DAO .

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Thanks for the post!

First question; how does this differ in essence from IBCX and stIBCX? These are also multi-asset baskets based on Cosmos-assets.

I like the idea,
Do you have any proof-of-concept to test.
Or rather better, It could be great for you to showcase this and receive valuable feedback by participating in Comdex Hackathon at Comdex Hackathon | Hackathon | DoraHacks

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