Process surrounding uploads of smartcontracts on Comdex

Smart contracts have a risk for chain stability. In the Cosmos-ecosystem we have seen multiple occasions where a faulty smart contract caused non-determinism amongst validators with a chain-halt as a result. To solve this for the future there is a need for a process to be followed before a smart-contract is uploaded on-chain. This thread is to provide that process and gather feedback if changes are needed.

The top of the process flow concerns developers before the development is started. Developers may need funding before development can start and/or developers might seek approval from the community as a signalling of intent before development starts. If those 2 tollgates are passed and development start it has to be followed by testing and audits. The results of this has to be shared on the Comdex forum to allow anyone to review what has been done. After that the proposal can be put on-chain. If approved, the smart-contract is uploaded. If disapproved the changes must be made before doing the testing and auditting for a new round.

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