[Proposal] Increasing Deposit amount & minimum transaction fee for Comdex Chain


We are proposing the discussion to increase the deposit amount for raising the governance proposal on the Comdex chain. Along with this, we also suggest increasing the minimum transaction fee of the Comdex chain.


Considering the incident a few weeks ago concerning the misuse of governance on the Terra chain and recently with the Cerberus chain, we are proposing to increase the minimum deposit amount for raising the governance proposal on the Comdex chain.

Currently, the deposit required is 100 $CMDX, but due to the bear market and the affected token prices, the value of 100 $CMDX is pretty less, and some people can take advantage of the situation and can spam the Comdex chain with unnecessary proposals.

To avoid this situation, we propose raising the deposit amount from 100 $CMDX to 2000 $CMDX.

During these challenging times of bear market, validators are hardly making enough to maintain their nodes and cover the running costs. Keeping the token price under consideration, we should also increase the minimum transaction fee to incentivize validators and help them cover the costs of the infrastructure during these times.

Please share suggestions or feedback in the comments.


Hi @SyncScale , Thank you for the proposal as we aware the current situations. i.e, we already see spam governance proposals in multiple networks include,
Cosmos Prop 73
Juno Prop 30
EVMos [Prop 38]
It completely make sense to increase the deposit amount to $2000CMDX…


2500cmdx-5000cmdx would be good amount comparing with other cosmos chains.