Real Bussiness Project

Build Real Bussiness Project to Sustainability Comdex on Future

Problem Background
So many project on past, they are unsuccessfull to survive in web3 project. It cause there are always new ideas emerging, like a gaming, NFT, defi, metaverse, etc. & Many project don’t have a breakthrough when it happen. It will make loss the Community & Investors confidence. Then the Project bankrupt & die.

While maintaining trust to the Communities & Investor, We need create a project that integrate between Web3 Project & The Real Project. We build a real project to make a sustainability Investors fund & make profit from it, beside from web3 project. Choose the real project which will never stop halfway, like a Tourist Destination, Fashion, Edu Park, etc. We can make a profit from that (Ticket, Cafe, Resort, etc) & then share profit with investors.

Build New Tourist Destination in Borobudur Temple Proposal
We are a Community from Digital Village Borobudur Temple (One of Super Priority Destination Tourism in Indonesia Country, beside Bali). We have a project from Borobudur Government to build new Destination in 6,000 m2 area, we call META VILLAGE BOROBUDUR. We want to build New Destination Tourism with Digital, Web3 & Technology Concept (It will be First Concept in Borobudur destination) in that area, like a Miniature of Borobudur Temple, Edupark, Expo Center, Mini Concert, Resto & Cafe, Resort, Metaverse of Borobudur & Borobudur Labs.
In year 2022, data from Borobudur Temple, they are 2,000,000 visitors in a year. if just 10% target, we can reach ROI in 4 or 5 years & after that we will receive the profit for our Investors (detail on our Pitchdeck).
We have a Company now Mnews Company with NIB (Single Bussiness Number 0220201222864 & progress to make MOU with government & we will make KSO (agreement investors with Meta Village Project) to protect Investor funds save. Our teams are most from Media, Government, Lawyer & Community.
Our step is Pitching the Meta Village Project with investors now. We have Pitchdeck about our plan & we welcome to Comdex Project to be a partnership to build a real bussiness project with us to make a New Destiantion Tourism in Borobudur, Indonesia.

Meta Village Borobudur Pitchdeck