Regarding the new Zenscape validator service

Hey all,

I just wanted to make a suggestion. With the new validator launched by Comdex, on a number of Cosmos chains, would distributing some of the commission to CMDX stakers be possible.

With a decent bag, I know I for one would be much more likely to switch delegations to Zenscape if it shared a portion of its commission back to CMDX stakers.

This could also add appeal to holding and staking CMDX. Stake CMDX, earn staking rewards, plus some OSMO, JUNO, etc sounds like a nice sales pitch to me.

I don’t know the economics of this, but if say 20% of commissions went back to CMDX stakers, it could be a nice little incentive.

Would love to hear any thoughts from the team, or community members. If it is a bad idea, would also love to hear.



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Hey there,

This is something that is possible, of course, but it’s usually not something that’s done as far as I can tell. I personally wouldn’t mix tokens from other chains if I were to do something like this, as it can easily take focus away from the original asset being staked / etc.

There are a few NFT projects out there that reimburse a portion of staking commissions if you’re holding their NFT - IBCFrens & JUNO Nots both come to mind here (Stargaze).


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