Reward Program "Everpiggy" Comes to Comdex

Now you can stake 1,000 CMDX via and get an instant reward of up to 1,000 CMDX. The reward comes in the form of an Everpiggy randomly containing up to 1,000 CMDX.

  1. How do you get an Everpiggy?
    Go to, log in via Keplr Wallet, specify how much you stake/redelegate, and get an Everpiggy randomly containing 5 to 1,000 CMDX that you can claim to your wallet in a couple of days.
  2. How to get more Everpiggies?
    Go to the “Invite a Friend” section and share your referral link with your friends or followers! Both your friend and you will get an Everpiggy for every 1000 CMDX that they stake.

Over 10k Everpiggies have already found their owners among the participants of our program for Cosmos and Solana. Now, the Comdex Community can join them too!

Visit, select your blockchain, and enjoy the rewards!