Site wide feature to make the experience even more user friendly/informative

To make Comdex more accessible for users who are new to the defi space I suggest adding some information about the different functions on each page.

For example, after clicking the edit button on the borrow page there are four functions that can be carried out: deposit, withdraw, draw, and repay. It would be helpful if there was a line of two of text right below the button describing what each function does. Or adding the information symbol that you can hover over and some info pops up about the feature.

Or maybe there could be a pop up right after connecting your wallet where users can opt into a short guided bot tutorial that walks the user through the pages and features?

The entire site is beautiful and all the features in testnet worked well. Great job Comdex team!


@cryptokurious Thank you for the feedback, we are working on creating a walkthrough for the first time user with all the functions and working of the app.
As you pointed out the four functions of the borrow page,we would have a hover text to explain what each function would do to make it user intuitive.
On top of all these there will be a Comdex Academy which would educate users about DeFi and all the features of the app in detail.


Really excited to hear about there being plans for a Comdex Academy.

Any chance that there are plans to also include general information on the commodities market and specific ones that will be on Comdex?

Probably getting way head here, but I think it also would be great if Comdex became a space to learn about commodities, as even among traditional retail traders/investors, there are many that are unfamiliar with the commodities market.

Like with traditional financial institutions that host such spaces, I think it goes a long way in building a strong and loyal base of customers/users that are successful in investing/trading. It’s one of those things I really wish Mirror Protocol had been more mindful to cultivate when it first launched, but around the stock market, as I think it could have really helped in building their community/user base and having fewer disgruntled former users.


@RedRabbit33 100% the academy would have information about the trade finance and commodity industry and general DeFi.

Here’s an alpha leak of the academy modules and educational stuff we’ve been working on, not sure if I’m supposed to share it lol


The overview looks awesome!

Its things like this that that gives me confidence that all of you on the Comdex team are building a great product/service.

If there is any way to support this or other related to it would love to learn about them. My background is in public finance/policy so I also believe that its these type of efforts that demonstrate a commitment to customers and community that I wish was more more common in both public and private enterprises.

Hope you didn’t get in trouble for sharing the overview. It did give me an additional reason to go out and buy more CMDX though!


The edit button on the borrow page should give u the chance to switch pairs (pretty unhandy and not intuitive to go back and switch pair manually on previous page)

I love the idea of the Comdex Academy, it shows how dedicated everyone involved is by going above and beyond and in turn creating a platform that everyone will be able to use. I am looking forward to mainnet launch!


This will make a huge difference in accessibility, all the hard work will pay off. This is exactly what is needed to add the finishing touches. Great job.