Sunset of cSwap on the Comdex Chain


Dear Comdex Community,

After careful consideration, the Comdex team has made the decision to sunset cSwap on the Comdex chain. We want to inform the community that there will be no further liquidity mining rewards, as the final reward phase (Phase 9) has already concluded.

Despite our best efforts, we have come to realize that there is no viable demand for cSwap, and we believe that there are better products available in the ecosystem that can serve the community’s needs more effectively. We do not wish to enter into AMM wars or use bandwidth to maintain a DEX when superior alternatives exist. We plan to focus our efforts on areas where we can provide unique value and innovation.

Phase-out Plan:

  1. Liquidity Withdrawal Window: A two-month window will be provided for users to withdraw their liquidity from cSwap.
  2. UI Adjustments: Following the withdrawal period, the cSwap user interface for pools and trading will be taken down.


The decision to sunset cSwap comes after careful consideration of its current usage and the evolving DeFi landscape on Comdex. While cSwap served its purpose during its initial launch, the ecosystem has matured, and more efficient and user-friendly DEX options have emerged. Maintaining cSwap with limited usage is not an optimal allocation of resources.

We understand that some users may rely on cSwap for their trading activities. The two-month withdrawal period will allow ample time for users to transition to alternative platforms. The Comdex community remains our priority, and we are committed to supporting users throughout this process.

Continued Services:

While cSwap as a DEX will sunset, the functionalities of bridging assets to the Comdex chain and viewing Portfolio and balances on the chain will still exist. These features remain integral to ensuring our community can effortlessly navigate between chains and monitor their holdings on the Comdex chain.

What’s Next for Comdex:

This decision marks the beginning of a new frontier for our chain. We’ll be dedicating our time to making dApps on the chain more user-friendly. Our vision is to onboard as many users as possible on the chain, and believe this strategic shift will allow us to better achieve that goal.

We express our sincere appreciation for your understanding and unwavering support during this transition. Stay tuned for updates on our exciting new developments.

[ Two-Month Withdrawal Period Start Date: 1st July 2024 ]

Thank you for your continued support.

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Brave decision to sunset cSwap, but I fully support the team’s focus on advancing areas where Comdex can truly shine and bring unique value.
The strategic shift towards enhancing dApps and improving user experience sounds promising, As a COMet, looking forward to the new developments and how they will enhance our ecosystem.
Thanks for keeping us all well-informed and prioritizing community needs through this transition.

Thanks for the update!

What makes me wonder though, how does this fit with ShipFi? Because I always understood they have to work together?