Testnet Feedback Data transfer error ”BUG” (2)

Today I wanted to enter again. to test. Again I encountered a problem, this is very important, there is still no work on it. This surprises me.
As you can see in the photos, wherever you go within the site, the balance of the transaction you have made elsewhere is not automatically reflected. For example, you switch from the exchange section to the borrowing section on the site, but it does not appear again. There must be a solution to this.

My testnet adress : comdex1s83m8jf55qv2t8e3syedh3h9q6v39tt74y7nu0
Comdex adress : comdex1s83m8jf55qv2t8e3syedh3h9q6v39tt74y7nu0

Thanks :slight_smile: