Testnet Feedback Data transfer error ''BUG''

Hello, I am sharing the pictures as an example. I recommend that you review it.
The balance was not enough to make a transaction from the DEBT part. I wanted to go to the TAP section and get some $CMDX. When I came back, although the TAP was approved, the balance was not reflected in the BARROW part. Tried over and over, same problem.

People are also trading on other platforms, it will be important to take data instantly and work on this issue. When he returns to your platform, he will not be able to see his balance.

You have to refresh the page again, that’s bad.

My KEPLR COSMOS ADRESS: cosmos1s83m8jf55qv2t8e3syedh3h9q6v39tt7jtu39c
My COMDEX test adress : comdex1s83m8jf55qv2t8e3syedh3h9q6v39tt74y7nu0

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I’ve been trying comdex tesnet for about 1 hour, it doesn’t take any action, at the same time, it doesn’t give test tokens in the faucet.

I think the team will give importance to data transfer speed. This will be good for them. After all, there is a gap here. can be improved

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they will certainly care