Testnet feedback

I’ve been playing with the testnet and I’m quite impressed! The only issue I encountered is the “out of gas error” and that is easily fixed by changing gas settings to 3500000 before sending the tx. Also the swap values are not accurate but this is often the case with testnets. Darkmode is beautiful and well designed! Thank you for the opportunity to test, i really think you guy’s did an awesome job on this project!

i have a feedback too.

I Cswaped, borrow and farmed previously. Now, I am trying to make second cswap and borrow. The issue is when I try to borrow more, no pop-up wallet confirmation appears. seems like i did not sent any request for borrow. The second issue is with dust. There is a small amout left after farming with max value of cGOLD, cSILVER and cOIL. I have sufficient CMDX by the way. Then, I am trying to add farming to this small amount. It shows that farming completed successfully but that amount is still there without any change on amount of CMDX.

I have been participating in testnet studies for several days. And today I can’t connect and the faucet doesn’t work. Do you have any information about this? Could the testnet studies be over?

I’ve been playing with the testnet and I’m quite impressed! Only the Aption website throws an error when you click assets to supply.