The change of price/my home button

same again…It was the same way when I wrote it on discord the other day, I don’t know if it’s a bug, but the price of the same parity does not look the same when swapping and borrowing, I don’t think it’s related to slipage except this, the platform is easy to use and smooth, it would be great to have a maximum button in borrowing section (like min. button).It seems like it is not very efficient for the my home button to come out after every transaction, because when we reflexively click there, it just jumps to another page.Thank you for letting us use the testnet.
My discord username : meluga#9436
My comdex wallet adress: comdex1fx77zastv0qp7fy352rgjwjy00t8psk7x849m7

There would always be a price difference between the pools and the the oracle price.
The borrowing/minting price is fetched from the oracle and users mint/borrow on oracle price.
The swap page price comes from the liquidity pools
The home button pop up is removed and updated in the latest patch. Try hard refreshing and reconnecting your wallet to see the updated changes.
The max button in the borrow page already exists.
Thank you for the feedback