To use Harbor tokens from Foundation to incentivize Harbor/CMDX pool

The below proposal is to use 1Mn Harbor tokens from the Foundation to incentivize CMDX/Harbor pool for a period of 30 days. These tokens will be from foundation as per the Harbor tokenomics (Link)

The aim is to incentivise the Cswap pool to get more users providing liquidity in this pool to make Harbor tradable with minimum slippage. By enabling the token for trading on Cswap, it allows new users to participate in the governance of Harbor as currently only the airdrop users were a part of the governance.


Thank you for sharing the proposal to incentivize the CMDX/Harbor pool on cSWAP_DEX. I fully support this initiative and believe that it will greatly benefit the Harbor community by increasing liquidity and enabling more users to participate in the governance of the project.

The current pool liquidity of approximately 37,600 $ and the token price of 0.0165$ per Harbor token are promising indicators for the success of this incentivization effort

If I am correct, this leads to 549% APR at current liquidity & price which is attractive too.

Might be a good thing as well, to have people pool their free HARBOR tokens ^^

Especially linked to this one:

We might get a lot of new people having HARBOR, so having an attractive degen route is a good starting point :slight_smile: