What plans next?

Unfortunately, the ecosystem does not attract new people. Marketing is a tragedy, a few paid pseudo-celebrities advertising everything they can for a few coins.
Does the team have any aces up its sleeve?
Some investor, cex, more serious infulencers with ranges?
In my opinion, most of the liquidity on applications comes from team funds, which I guess are slowly melting away. The increase in liquidity slowed down significantly.
Delays at every step:
no stCMDX
no trading on the HARBOR token
no cAssets
no cmst creation using cmdx
90% cmst is bridged usdc WOW

Please, this project has potential, so pull yourself together and surprise us with something

The fact that influencers like Joshysmart are on Comdex pay book honestly disgusts me, every time I see one of his tweets I just feel like dumping my entire cosmos bag for good and never look back.

Look for educators, not shillers.

Few suggestions:

  • Pay for partnerships like the one with Crescent, do the same with Shade Swap.
  • Bring double incentives on cSwap pools.
  • Allow the use of stAssets (stATOM, stOSMO, Persistence liquid staked ATOM as well) to mint CMST, nobody is keen to forego their staking rewards to mint a stable coin, that’s the reason why stable mint has the lion share.
  • Copy the UI from Kujira for minting and liquidations (the current one is just confusing for the average Joe).
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I would forget, there is still no cooperation with KADO announced months ago

We are in touch with the Kado team and are working on something together. Concrete information would be made as soon as next week


why do asset prices on cswap and other apps update rarely? @Ismail

On CSWAP, there is no price update as they are calculated based on CSWAP’s liquidity pools. If there is a price difference with other DEXs (for example, Osmosis), you can try to take advantage by buying or selling on Osmosis and CSWAP. On Harbor and Commodo, the prices come from the oracle and there is a regular update (you would need to check the update parameters but I think there is a slight latency for liquidation management).

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As rightly mentioned by @0r7ando , the cSwap prices come from the pool and for Harbor and Commodo it comes from the oracle prices which update on a continuous basis.

I see everything is going according to plan :lying_face:

It still looks bad :confused:

finally ?

price on devnet 2c

The team has been prioritizing user experience improvements for all their apps.
Once completed, they plan to enable the usage of $HARBOR incentives on pools.
The reason for the holdup on Harbor listing is to align with their goal of not just providing rewards initially, but to ensure sustained participation in their products.
The Harbor listing is expected to be available for trading over the course of the coming weeks

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can you introduce this tool for cswap?


“90% cmst is bridged usdc WOW”

cut losses, money management is the most important thing. Take cmst out of pools, sell usdc and convert to ATOM and BTC. Atom went down in price anyway so you can say you were short.

I’d rather cmst have half its current capitalization than risk bankruptcy

after a month and a half, we can mark the first achievement. Launching trade on harbor and 0 vol XD