Why are you manipulators?

you haven’t learned anything from past mistakes

Whats your concern, and what manipulation here?

for example, that the 5% commission on 500m HARBOR is not locked in for any period

that is, it should be included in Tokenomics

Yes but do you know how emissions work? Please go through the blog and the approx calculations shared. These emmisions are weekly and 500mn will come in approx SIX YEARS. So every week a small amount will be coming out and out of it only 5% is going towards the team. So the approx value is 5% of total 500Mn which is 25MN across 6 years. Do you really think this is a big value for 6 years? :thinking: :expressionless:


you still don’t understand, the point is that this is omitted information in the token economy

large amount or not, you create a stablecoin, you must be crystal clear

How is it omitted when we have mentioned it, The entire blog is about tokenomics with every minute detail, if someone is not reading it entirely, you cannot blame the team.

The information you mentioned is stated in the tokenomics article under heading Emissions
As well as clearly explained in the docs too. Refer Harbor

The 5M is part of the 50% {50% of the total supply will be distributed to users in the form of emissions over roughly six years} which will be released for 1st week & follow the 1% of the balance every week to reach a total of 500 M in 6 years.

Hope this clarifies better