Will it be possible to borrow against cAssets in the future

in the current configuration it is only reasonable to run a short strategy by borrowing cAssets.
If I want to go long then it is going to be technically complicated.

I looked at the interface for first time today, so if this board is only about debugging, please point me in the right direction

@Kenan, going long is basically buying these assets from the pools. We are working on a lite version of the app where users have a very basic and easy to understand version of the app.
The Lite version would just make things easier for the unfamiliar user and mostly consist of long and short assets, in the current version a user has to borrow cAssets and then sell it in the pools to go short but the lite version would just borrow and sell on behalf of the user.

Thanks for your answer, Ismail. I think I my question was too imprecise to understand. What I have been looking for is to use cAssets as a collateral , which is currently not possible. So , for instance, if I had cSilver, I could borrow UST against it and in turn then use UST to buy more cSilver. This would allow me to leverage my long cSilver position and at the same time reduce my liquidation risk.

So my question simplified: are there plans to allow cAssets as collateral?

You won’t be able to mint more cAssets by keeping cAssets as collateral in the current app.
The thing you’re mentioning about leveraging and borrowing by keeping cAsset as collateral will be enabled in the commodo platform which is a borrowing lending platform which is currently under development

Commodo?! Sounds great. Thank you

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